Why pack your own bag to go for hajj?? And what  to pack.. for MEN ONLY

With Hajj coming up. Let’s look at what we need to carry with us on hajj.
One thing people always overlook is tents are divided between sexes.

Keeping this in mind. We will make 2 different post. One for men and one for women.

This one is for men.. if you are a gal. Click here. 

1. Ihram outfits. One to wear on firstj day and second you may change at mina after returning from Arafah

2. Mandatory.. surgical masks to wear out in crowds

3. Sunglasses, cap

4. broken-in rubber slippers. Last thing you need is blisters.

5.  Running shoes socks for 3 day’s stoning the jamarah. Be ready for long walks.. practice in advance.

6.  pajamas, only cotton casual clothes. Extra under clothes. Bathrooms are a bit tricky.

7. Safety kit with



Vitamin c effervescent. (Must Take one 1000m every day to beat infections)

non-scented soap.


Sunscreen for last 3 day’s. Toothbrush and paste,


Anti inflammatory to help with after walk pain

Antihistamine. Take one every day even if you don’t need it.


Deo stick… Works wonders as an instant fix on the ihram rash too

9. Personal phone . You will mostly use it to call your wife out of her tent .. unless you like peeping into women’s tent.

10. Extension cord. Your phone battery won’t last more than a day. Every tent has limited sockets. Having your own cord will help have constant power.

11. Umbella… no not for rain. For sun. A battery operated fan would be optimum and water spray bottle

12. Quran, Dua (suplication) and other Islamic books

13. Always carry a water bottle in hand. You need to stay hydrated. (You can buy these locally)

14. Ziploc bags for stones picked in muzdhalifah. Empty Water bottle will also do.

15. Ear plugs.  Very important Unless you are immune to snoring.

16. 1 coat hanger (also to use for drying washed clothes)

17. Get online search for Makkah on Google maps. Make sure you can see Mina Arafat and muzdhalifah on the map.  Save map offline. This will help you use the map without any Internet connection. Mark your tent when you reach mina. Now you know how to get back whenever you get lost.

18. A bag that fits the above stuff. Remember you will need 2 bags. One for you and one for your wife.
Finally. Don’t forget point #8. Please go back and reconfirm you didn’t overlook it…..





8. Make sure you pay attention to detail. Learn what you need to do. Ask. Investigate. Don’t follow others blindly. So why pack the above items???  8 years experience should hold some weight.

Hajj mabroor wa makbool inshallah.

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